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Very Cherry Muffins to Brighten Your Day!

Okay, look, I know that making muffins is most likely the very last thing on your mind these days. Let's face it, 2020's been quite a wild ride so far, full of exciting things like a pandemic, mandatory face masks, a toilet paper shortage, social distancing, Murder Hornets, new rules for dining and shopping, and civil unrest. I don't know what's next, and, quite frankly, although I have a fertile imagination, I can't even think up a scenario to top this. It's like reading a bad thriller novel that just won't end. It's time to set down that book for a moment, take a deep breath, and brew a pot of coffee or your favorite tea. Once you do, you're going to want something tasty to go with it. And boy do I have the perfect treat to lift your mood and brighten your day!

Darci's delicious Very Cherry Muffins!

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Door County, Wisconsin, the place that inspired me to write my Very Cherry Mystery Series. Even during a year like 2020, where nothing is the same, it was good to be on the peninsula. The businesses, hotels, and restaurants were just beginning to open for the tourist season. Like every place else, it's going to look different this year with the new guidelines. But the cherry spirit is strong there, and the residents are determined to roll out the hospitality as best as they can, which often means pulling out all the cherry treats. For a cherry lover, it's a dream come true. This muffin recipe, which is the signature muffin of my fictitious Cherry Orchard Inn, was inspired by the many quaint inns and bed and breakfasts in the area. Every one of them has a specialty muffin, pie, coffee cake, or breakfast bread to delight guests.

While I was staying with my parents in Ephraim last week, I just had to order a cherry muffin from one of my favorite restaurants in that town, The Old Post Office Restaurant. Yep, it used to be the old post office in the area. Now it's a restaurant with spectacular views of Eagle Harbor and delicious local food. Oh, and I love the cherry wallpaper too!

Cherry Muffin from the Post Office

They also have a signature cherry muffin. Although it doesn't have pecans or a crumble topping, it's loaded with locally grown cherries. It's also huge! And, yes, it was delicious. I highly suggest trying one when you're in the area.


I'm leaving you with one last goat--Sven the goat, keeping watch over the newly planted flower box at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay. No trip to Door County is complete without visiting the iconic restaurant. You'll be happy to know that goats still graze on the roof, but now you can pick up your Swedish meatballs curbside. Although known for their Scandinavian fare, Al's serves up cherry goodness for dessert!

To print a copy of the Very Cherry Muffin recipe, please visit my recipe page here.

Happy reading and happy baking!

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