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Might I Suggest a Sour Cherry Martini?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

You’re stuck at home. You’re bored. You’ve taken as many social distancing walks as your poor body can handle. Yes, these are terrible, troubling times, and we’re all doing our part to stop the spread of COVID- 19. And while we can’t make this virus go away any faster, we can try to make the most of our time in captivity—I mean, at home.

How am I spending my time, you ask? Well, sharing the house with my husband, two of my three sons, and two dogs, who are loving the extra walks, I’m doing, really, I am. I have plenty of time to write, when I'm not distracted by the occasional sunny day, or making my fourth pot of coffee, or my obsession with trying to find toilet paper. Sure, I've been baking a lot, too. It's one of my preferred distractions when I’m supposed to be writing. I’m currently working on a Christmas cozy mystery as part of my upcoming Beacon Bakeshop Mystery series, but it doesn’t feel very Christmas-y around here anymore. I’ve also been plotting another Very Cherry Mystery, and dreaming of being back in my happy place, Door County, Wisconsin. The cherry trees should be blossoming soon, but I won’t see them. Nope, I’ll be here, plopped on the couch next to my hubby, and sons, and dogs, while watching shows like the Curse of Oak Island and wondering when the Lagina brothers, my fellow Michiganders, are going to find the fabled Templar Treasure.

Soon, fellas, soon, I hope!

I often dream about binging on a good mystery series, but I never seem to find the remote. And I’m outnumbered. And I’m too lazy to find another television. But it’s all good. I have a little trick to make everyday life seem, well, cheery. That's because I know how to make a delicious Very Cherry Martini, and you can too! There’s nothing like a cherry-tastic diversion to help you make the most of staying at home with the ones you love.

The recipe can be found at the back of Cherry Scones & Broken Bones,

but feel free to download a copy here, or from my new recipe page.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Vodka (I use cherry flavored)

Tart cherry juice

Triple Sec

Fresh lemon or lemon juice

(I’m stuck inside and ran out of fresh lemons!)

Cherry for garnish (I use frozen tart cherries)

It’s an easy drink to make, and so delicious. I’ve even made you a jingle to sing while you're making it. Watch out, it’s catchy. (Insert your own bad advertising jingle here!)

“Soooo when you’re stuck inside, with no place to hide, and badly need an excursion,

Stay in place, slow your pace, and try a “cherry” diversion.

So, here's to us as we stay home, stay safe, and stay "cherry" together!


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